Thoughts on terrain

So, I’m planning a warhammer sixth edition war bands campaign for when I will be able to meet people again, and have been thinking about how I will solve the issue of terrain.

Now, I’ve been watching Littlewars tv on youtube since they started posting videos, and they seem to have a rather intelligent solution to the issue of terrain – fabric over foam blocks for elevation, which allows them to pin terrain through it onto the foam below.

So, I’ve taken stock of what I need for the campaign, assuming I’d be able to have two games running parallel to each other (I’ll be using a card-system also stolen from little wars tv). The maximum amount of terrain I would need is:

  • Two forests;
  • Two hills with cliff;
  • Two areas of rough thorny thistles;
  • Two areas of boulders;
  • Two ruins;
  • Two fallen pillars/monoliths/statues;
  • Two sets of three drystone walls;
  • Two rocky crags/ridges.

I think that should be doable, which of course is famous last words.