First post and the Bocksten tunic

Hello world!

This is the first post of the blog. It will the first one about my newest medieval tunic, based on the Bocksten man find.

First, some background. I am working on reenacting a Portuguese Burgher from around the battle of Aljubarrota (1385). For now I am working in civilian garb, but I hope to include a military panoply one day.

Now, some background.

The Bocksten man is a body that was found in Sweden, in Varberg Commun in a bog. Because of his oxygen poor location, his body had been remarkably well preserved, which includes his clothes.

He was wearing a shirt, tunic, cloak, hose and a hood with liripipe.

According do Dr. Albert Sandclef, this is how the pattern of the tunic would have been:

Lets get to work.

First things first – Time to choose the fabric for the project. I went with a woven wool tunic with a nice plaid pattern that reminded me of a painting  of a musician from the 14th century.

I then bought a roll of pattern paper. I used to make patterns on old newspapers, so you can do that, but I figured I would try with the “proper” stuff.

Next time I will get started on the pattern itself!



I am not a historian or a clothing historian. I am not a tailor. I am an enthusiast. If you want to make your own medieval clothing, feel free to use my blog as an inspiration or as a way to find sources, but copy me at your own risk since I maybe getting things wrong. Work from the sources, not other reenactors! If you want to use this design for Larp or Cosplay, then just go ahead.