My first 10 mm orcs

So, as mentioned in the previous post, I’ve decided to start working on 10mm armies representing forces from the works of Tolkien.

Marching along the great road

These are my first ten stands of orcs – they will represent less disciplined orc forces, so rabble, war bands, maybe “wild” orcs. They are from Pendraken’s warband range – It will be interesting to see how the scale compares to figures from Eureka, Magister Millitum and Copplestone Castings, I suspect they are too big to pass as Snaga.

Our heroes advance upon their hapless foe

These were great fun to paint – Since they are just orcs, and there will be a lot of them on the board at any one time, I felt more comfortable experimenting and being bold with them. I played a lot with the citadel contrast range (I’m hoping these will make the elves a cinch to paint) – They are the first figures I’ve used them on.

Boldy retreating from scary Noldor

In the books, orc skin tones are described as “swarth” and “sallow”, so many of these orcs have dark skin or yellowish skin (made by using contrast flesh tones over yellow base coats). I have however also decided to, inspired by the movies, add some more exotic skin colours, like blue, green, red, pale and even purple. These have earned the figures the nickname “skittles orcs” by my friends.

Next I’m hoping to get started on some elvish foes for the orcs to face.